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PV systems increasingly use rechargeable batteries to store a surplus to be later used at night. Batteries used for grid-storage also stabilize the electrical grid by leveling out peak loads, and play an important role in a smart grid, as they can charge during periods of low demand and feed their stored energy into the grid when demand is high.

This is more cost-effective than selling it back to your retailer during the day at a cheaper rate. On a time of use tariff, you can also purchase grid power during cheaper periods, reducing how much you purchase during peak periods. Battery systems can also be configured to provide power in an outage. There are a few different types of storage systems like Hybrid inverter, AC Coupled and DC Coupled solutions.

Cosmic Renewable Energy is committed to keeping its pace with the latest happenings in solar compliances and whatever facility is offered in this capacity for affordable and efficient solar units. Therefore, we keep us aware of all innovations in solar batteries and oblige only the original and reputable brands. Our customers are very respectable for us, and we facilitate them with the best quality products. Keeping in view the need for uninterrupted supply for the commercial sector and residences, we give peculiar importance to batteries.


INTEGRATED HYBRID BATTERIES - Batteries are an integral part of all the solar units and need watchful attention. Integrated hybrid batteries with inverters are next step in the solar revolution. These storage solutions are fully compatible with inverters and are capable of converting solar power efficiently. These batteries have particularly been designed by having the idea that energy consumption usually exceeds at night time. So, these batteries function maximum in the daytime when most of the sunlight is captured. These units store extra power generated rather than putting it back into the grid so, you do not need to buy energy from the grid to meet up your energy demands.

LEAD ACID BATTERIES - More deployed are lead-acid, deep cycle batteries that are reliably used in renewable energy resource systems. Absorbed Gas Mat and Gel models have been designed for increasing performance and total energy output. Absorbed Gas Mat particularly functions for standby applications like emergency backups. Both of these models are recombinant.

LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES - Regardless of the application, the most common choice for energy storage is the lithium-ion batteries. They are known for reducing the costs of peripheral devices and come in three basic forms. They are available as cylindrical, Smartphone and prismatic types. They are majorly known for balancing the loads and stabilizing the usage.

REDOX FLOW BATTERIES - Redox flow batteries are also showing another option extending the storage range. These batteries are also claimed to reduce the cost of ownership. Gel VRLA batteries work with leak-proof technology that eases the process of mounting and makes their maintenance easy.

Cosmic Renewable Energy showcases a variety of batteries that are suggested according to the house requirements and cost-effectiveness. All range and reputable brands of batteries are available and undergo a vigorous process of testing in our factory area because we cannot compromise trust and quality. All energy storage devices are provided to the clients with a warranty and according to their range. Our professional and technically trained team is available a call away to provide you excellent energy storage system.